Founded in 2017, Monopod is published bi-annually in digital format as well as in print.


Automotive images are our passion. We focus on creative minds from around the world and are a gateway for photographers, both established and aspiring, who deserve recognition for their work be they amateur, student, semi-professional or professional. 


We won't be stuck on motorsport although it will undoubtedly feature large in our pages; we love classic and vintage cars and we are particularly fascinated by the people and paraphernalia permeating all facets of the automotive world. In fact, our definition of 'culture' is extremely wide-ranging and embraces pretty much anything from travel to fashion, design to sport and whatever else takes our fancy. In other words our tastes are 'eclectic'.


Last but not least we don't charge for access to Monopod so please feel free to browse at your leisure.


Welcome aboard.

Philip Newsome


Upcoming articles...

Perfect Panning: Pedro Dermaux.

The art and science of panning.

The Great American Road: Sarah Feeney.

A road trip back to 1960s and 70s

Normandy Beach Race: Philip Newsome.

Vintage hot rods on Sword Beach.